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Welcome to Gold Coast Callanetics

Before  and after 17 hrs of Callanetics – no dieting


Prepare to be amazed at how quickly your body will transform, revealing a slimmer, toned youthful shape.  This is the Magic of Callanetics and once you’ve experienced it don’t be surprised if you find you’ve become addicted for life.

Now it’s YOUR turn!


Are you ready for the return of  youthful vitality, body shape and passion for life?

Create the body you’ll love to live in and faster than you ever dreamed possible!

  Empowering yourself with these dynamic, powerful non-impact exercises WILL make you feel and look 10 years younger.


 No weights, no sweating, no-impact,  just you, your body and the magic of Callanetics exercises

Sandra and Sheree


At Gold Coast Callanetics we teach new sculpting exercises, restorative exercises and Feldenkrais movements to enhance the rapid body sculpting results and address body shape issues resulting from poor posture, footwear and injury.

So, do you want…

  • Flatter, toned and strong abs

  • Longer looking, lean, sculpted, strong legs and thighs

  • Lifted, toned and youthful buttocks

  • A youthful neckline and wider shoulders

  • Improved flexibility and strength

  • Reduced stress levels and increased vitality

  • Feel and look ten years younger – for life

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  • I cannot say enough about the startling results I have achieved in just the month I have worked under the tutelage of Sandra and Adelaide. I had considered myself something of an expert, having led a number of classes in the past, but I found myself starting all over. Although the basic concepts were the same, learning proper alignment and utilizing the counter extensions was all new to me. The results have been immediate and dramatic. One of my earliest revelations was that like so many who learned the program from the original book or video I was working too many large muscles, putting too much effort into my practice. Now, with the guidance of TCS I have learned to focus on the deepest muscles without contraction and I feel I am finally getting the results Callan had intended. Having the high quality videos available has also introduced me to so many new movements and adaptations that I sometimes feel like a kid in a candy store. Now my sessions can be filled with variety and challenge I never thought possible. I can’t imagine ever being bored with the sessions with so many options to choose from. Living in a city with no Callanetics studio or instructor available has always been a frustration but I find TCS filled that void perfectly. The personal approach to the videos and the interaction through The Forum has me feeling like a student in their studio. I know they take a personal interest in my progress and in the short time I have been a member I believe we are building a real friendship as they encourage me to continue working on gently training my neglected body back into health and harmony. I look forward to many years of working with this new studio approach. –Susan W

  • Three hours of Callanetics this week and my loss is 2cm off bust/back, 1cm off waist and 2cm of hips – unbelievable! Callanetics seriously never ceases to amaze me. –Yvonne M

  • Now my sessions can be filled with variety and challenge I never thought possible. I can’t imagine ever being bored with the sessions with so many options to choose from. –Susan Winters

  • I just did the 42 minute workout Sandra sent through! WHAT an eye opener! I suffer hideously with illicaus pain on the right hand side (stems from loose SIJ) which I struggle to release myself. I am religious about doing the waist stretch but I’ve just followed Sandra’s instructions on the 42 minute workout, with the weight right back over the heels, and it’s 100% released! I’m completely pain free (rather than fire fighting the pain) for the first time in years. That version is my new daily ritual!
    I also had a light bulb moment with the kneeling hips and behind movements, with Sandra’s instructions I got the position spot on and I could feel the pull through my tummy. I’m not sure whether I wasn’t in the optimum position before, or whether my awareness wasn’t tuned in enough, but I certainly felt it during