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Q & A with Sandra Hanna, Callanetics ® Master Teacher, during a visit  to Savannah, Georgia, US

Before  and after 17 hrs of Callanetics – no dieting


Prepare to be amazed at how quickly your body will transform, revealing a slimmer, toned youthful shape.  This is the Magic of Callanetics and once you’ve experienced it don’t be surprised if you find you’ve become addicted for life.

Now it’s YOUR turn!


Are you ready for the return of  youthful vitality, body shape and passion for life?

Create the body you’ll love to live in and faster than you ever dreamed possible!

  Empowering yourself with these dynamic, powerful non-impact exercises WILL make you feel and look 10 years younger.


 No weights, no sweating, no-impact,  just you, your body and the magic of Callanetics exercises

Sandra and ShereeAdelaide and Robyn

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