Sandra Hanna Callanetics Classes

Sandra Hanna

Sandra was introduced to the Callanetics Program after the birth of her second son in 1987.  Callan Pinckney’s first book, 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours was life changing and she knew instinctively that she had found the exercise program that would restore her body to it’s youthful shape.

Sandra studied each exercise in the book to master the tiny movements and to her delight she found that her body responded to the exercises beautifully and extremely quickly.   She watched with pure amazement as her body became leaner, stronger, sculpted and with increased muscle tone.

Sandra also noticed other side effects that were equally exciting.  Spinal curvatures, back and hip pain was something that had plagued Sandra most of her life.   A horse riding accident had also left her with persistent neck pain and so she was delighted to find that pain in these areas were diminishing very quickly.  It was the start of an ongoing love affair with Callan Pinckney’s dynamic exercise program.

In 2001 Sandra flew to Chicago to certify as a Callanetics® Trainer.   Over the following few months she made several trips to attend trainings and work alongside some of Callan’s most respected Instructors.   She opened her Gold Coast Callanetics Studio in June 2001 teaching up to eight students in each class.

What Sandra loves the most about teaching is the hands-on, working alongside, each student and encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness rather than compare themselves to others.

In 2006 Sandra was selected to star as the Lead Presenter in a new range of Callanetics DVDs. Since that time she has also filmed and starred in 35 Callanetics videos.

In March 2016 Sandra flew to Los Angeles as the Technical Advisor and Consultant for the latest range of DVDs.  She is now the Global Master Trainer and will be holding live training sessions throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe and US.

Sandra is also a Somatic Exercise Coach and specialises in running workshops where she teaches people who are older, are unfit or suffering from chronic knee, back, hip or neck pain.  She leads them gently through a process that eliminates muscle and joint pain and reverses aging. This process also prepares the student for the deep Callanetics body sculpting program.

Sandra’s passion for the Callanetics program shines and is obvious to all who meet her.  At 60 years old she is grateful that she is has a body that is not only youthful in shape but is free from pain, is strong and flexible.

Sandra’s mantra is to empower men and women of all ages and firmly believes that we can delay and reverse the effects of aging and remain youthful, full of vitality and know how to free ourselves from pain.