I ADORE you ladies! I just signed up for your streaming videos and I am in love. I have been doing different barre workouts for a couple years, but, I just finally found you. You are so fabulous. I was wondering if you offer a teacher training. I am interested in possibly becoming a local fitness instructor in the next couple years and really really love your method and focus on form. I already feel a difference in my body after only a few sessions! Thank you so much!”


I have done other workouts since trying yours and every movement that I have fine a thousand times feels completely different! I’m just so grateful to finally know how my body is REALLY supposed to stand/move. 

I can’t say enough good stuff! I would just really love I learn from you specifically because you really get it and have true knowledge about how our bodies move. 

I will email you to be in the loop for sure!

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Of course you can use anything you want for your testimonials  I’m sorry if there are typos, I am typing on my phone  Feel free to edit 

Thank you so so much!”


Rachel V P